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The “Memória” (Memory) project is part of CICE       –Interpretation Centre for the Municipality of Évora      – being it self also, a CME contribution, towards EDD    – Évora Digital District.

The project will be realised through achievement of the following main objectives: digitization of a set of images from Évora that are held by the Municipal Photographic Archives, in order to create a database to make publicly available, low resolution images for web/online use. Such an undertaking implied former cleaning, treatment and restoration of all the original species as well as the implementation of a specific database to allow both free and crossed research, via author, category, date and description.

At the moment more than 1200 pictures are already available, covering a wide variety a subjects such as urbanization, arts and heritage, ethnography, sports, equipments and economical activities, as well as portraits – the oldest ones dating from the mid-19th century. Moreover this collection includes pictures from both professional and amateur photographers from Évora or residing here, namely Pereira & Prostes, José Pedro Braga Passaporte, Inácio Caldeira, José António Barbosa, José Monteiro Serra, António Passaporte, Gama Freixo, Eduardo Nogueira, David Freitas, Marcolino Silva, among others.